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Spectra Ventures and Advisory
Iris Zhang

Ex-VP at Longling Capital.Columnist on mainstream finance and economic media. Iris has four years of experience in venture capital and five years in internet product management and operation.

Iris founded a blockchain-exclusrve global marketing company Uniblock covering eight countries, which successfully supported branding and marketing of Mixin, Pressone, MobileCoin, DentaCoin, BeeChat, Lynyr, Hydro(HOT), Qube, All Sports Chain(SOC), MediBloc, and Coinmanager globally.
Aaron Chen

A venture capitalist focusing exclusively on Blockchain technology and crypto assets, Aaron was the blockchain investment research leader at K2VC. Previously, Aaron was product manager at Tencent and a NASDAQ-listed technology company. He also founded a smart hardware company.

Aaron has been a pioneer in research and investment on Blockchain-related companies since 2014. He led equity investment in Mytoken, Bitpie Wallet, Jinse Finance and made early stage crypto investment in EOS, IPFS, Kyber, Enigma, Genaro, 0xproject, OmiseGo, Status, Cybermiles, etc. Aaron led the Initial Coin Offering of All Sports Chain (SOC, Huobi and OKex lised).
Lan Hu

Chief editor of mainstream blockchain media, LanhuBiji, published on popular technology media platform such as 36Kr.com and Huxiu.com. Ex- Managing Partner at Roots Capital and leading product manager at Alibaba. Lan Hu also founded a fashion e-ecommerce application and authored Human Nature, Strategy and Combat of Web operation and General Knowledge & Art of Start-ups.

Lan Hu invested in a broad spectrum of Blockchain projects and has received high returns.
Russell Hou

Cofounder of Uniblock, a leading Blockchain-exclusive global marketing company. Russell is an entrepreneur and crypto asset investor with enriched experience in branding and marketing. He is well connected with Blockchain communities and media overseas.
Joy Zhang

CFA Level Ⅱ Candidate

With over 10-year experience in finance, Joy is an expert at fund operation. Joy was Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Aixi Asset Management and responsible for private equity. Prior to this, Joy was in charge of fundraising at a national medical group and closed series A and B investment by CDH Investment and Sequoia China. Joy started her career as a liaison officer at Asian Development Bank and participated in the largest highway project invested by the ADB.
Melody Taira

A Tokyo-based consultant of blockchain technology projects. Melody consults on projects who interested in localizing to Japan market, also helps Japan-based team to develop globally. She has a law degree from a top-3 Japan national university. Melody also served as a cross border M&A, technology patent transferring consultant in medical fields and environment business prior to Spectra. In the university, Melody co-founded a student-targeted media website, and jointed a VR robot startup in Silicon Valley as marketing director during her exchange year to UC Berkeley. One month internship experience in Tel Aviv Municipality also gives her broad connection in Israel and USA. Melody aims to bridge Japan with global community in blockchain technology field.