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Spectra Ventures and Advisory
Long Term Growth Investment

It’s clear that we are in a bubble. The growth rate of funding raised and projects being started has far surpassed the growth rate of the overall market cap of digital assets in the past few months. However, we are not aiming for short-term returns. We believe that the value of the blockchain technology will only be revealed and proven with the passage of time.
Collaboration with global institutional investors Collaboration with global institutional investors

The development of the blockchain space requires participation of institutional investors, which in turn will bring more entrepreneurs, software engineers, and innovations to the field. Hence, we aim to collaborate with global institutional investors, providing our investors with access to world-class funds and promising opportunities around the globe.
Incubate and/or lead global platforms dedicated to the blockchain technology Incubate and/or lead global platforms dedicated to the blockchain technology
Many blockchain ventures are faced with the problem of low efficiency and low yield during localization. Our global media and community reach can solve that once and for all for projects under our umbrella.
Right of First Offer to investment opportunities available at Spectra Advisory as well as Spectra Ventures and its portfolio funds – Currently working with renowned institutional investors worldwide, in the process of establishing funds across Japan, South Korea, Canada, the U.S., Germany, and Australia

Sharing investment opportunities and portfolio strategies; direct exposure to and participation in global platforms servicing the blockchain space (currently covering China, the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Europe)

Comprehensive portfolio management services, especially relationship management with communities, investors, media, and global leading exchanges in eight countries (including China, Japan and Korea)